Who are Bodyworx?

I am Michael, I started working in the Leisure Vehicle Industry in 2002 for one of the largest caravan and motorhome manufacturers in the UK - Explorer Group Ltd. They produce the well known brands Elddis, Compass and Buccaneer.

I worked on the production line within this company for just over nine years as the main Line Repairer for all the units produced over this duration. In January 2011, I decided to start up my own business offering my uniquely obtained skillset to the general public.
I know these units inside out and that is where Bodyworx is different to most other independent repairers - we understand why your issue is there and can remedy it quickly, with minimal fuss.

Since establishing Bodyworx, I have built a large, and wide, customer base. Serving firms such asTyne Valley Motorhomes, Marquis, Discovery Leisure, Tyneside Caravans, Brownhills, Catterick Caravans, Cleveland Motorhomes, Adventure Leisure (Penrith), Geist, North East Leisure, Washington Caravans, Explorer LTD, Swift & North East Motorhome Repair Centre to name a few.
Additionally, a large amount of very happy caravan and motorhome owners from all over the country! Yes, people travel far and wide to find an experienced, well regarded and exceptional value repairer such as Bodyworx.

So if you are in need of a repair to your pride and joy and don't want to pay the high costs of taking it to a main dealer, give Bodyworx a call.
As a family man, I understand the importance of having a well maintained everyday or holiday vehicle and a need for high quality workmanship at the right price.

I am also a car enthusiast, as are the team working with me. Over the years we have repaired such a vast array of vehicles, that nothing phases us here at Bodyworx - this includes all aspects of crash repair, bodywork and everyday mechanical issues.
I might be considered a petrol head. I have some project cars of my own on the go - Toyota Celica ST205 track car, a Mini Cooper JCW & a couple of original Mini's.

Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to contact us with your requirements

Michael (Founder and Owner of Bodyworx Consett)

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